Artists: Jacquie McCoy, Maureen Bonomini, Heather Morris-Pryor and Thomas Hadland.

On at Newcastle Art Space until 23rd March.

I don’t know what’s happening in Newcastle at the moment in regard to the art scene but there is a strong sense of apathy especially when it comes to red dots. And there is also this vague notion that the exhibitions aren’t getting the traffic through that artists’ would like. Cos we all know it’s not just about the sales. Just putting it out there comes at a cost not only monetary but emotionally. And if the numbers aren’t there than well “what’s the point”.

But despite this vague notion the artists’ are out there doing their stuff. And it’s pretty grand stuff at that. Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting “Elements”  a group of four artists exhibiting various mediums and ideas.

Woodblock print by artist Jacquie McCoy.

Woodblock print by artist Jacquie McCoy.

Jacqueline McCoy is still leading the pack when it comes to the woodblock print.  Her ability to generate gradations in tone is described yet subtle.

The surreal haunting quality of Thomas Hadland’s photography deserves audience. Evoking magic realism, these powerful images transmit melancholy as opposed to tranquillity. Illusion is conveyed through mystery and enigma. The metaphysical questions abound in this body of work. “Why am I here? What must I do? What can I hope for?”[1]

Photography by Thomas Hadland.

Photography by Thomas Hadland.

Raw, gestural paintings by Maureen Bonomini delve into memory, questioning and deliberating. Her remarkable past seems to be synonymous with rich thoughtful art. There is a necessity to acknowledge this poignant history when viewing her work.

And last but not least is Heather Morris-Pryor. Suggesting serenity and glimpsed motif is key to large works painted in oil. The opulent, velvety sensation is luxurious.

This exhibition on at Newcastle Art Space finishes tomorrow. It would be hoped that the last weekend gets the audience it deserves.


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