Ford Finalists 2014

Artwork by Sharon Williams.

Artwork by Sharon Williams.

Artists: Kelsey Fletcher, Kelly Barlin, Jennifer Wood, Sharon Williams, Gavin Vitullo.

The Ford Finalists exhibition is in its last days at the Newcastle Tafe and it’s worth taking a look. Despite the difficulties encountered by Tafe NSW presently, the institution is still encouraging freedom of expression, significant gestural quality in all mediums and contemporary vision. These values are often all too scarce in the exhibiting world often being cast aside in an attempt to maximise on income and attain perhaps recognition from an audience attuned to a different aesthetic.

The prize was collected by a talented and innovative photographer Kelly Barlin. The drama and pathos is a recognised gift in the small Polaroids on exhibit.

Jennifer Wood explores freedom with paint capturing environment and life.

Artwork by Kelsey Fletcher.

Artwork by Kelsey Fletcher.

Painter Kelsey Fletcher is a favourite with great dialogue expressed in the visual manner in which she paints. There’s a casual indifference emanating from her work, a product of the brush and intuition. Knowing when to stop is of significant value.

Sharon Williams’ wall mounted assemblages work a treat capturing canine movement. Materiality has always been a strong focus in her art, pushing boundaries and experimenting with various mediums. Here sculpture is sophisticated yet at the same time obtainable to the casual observer.

Previously I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Gavin Vitullo’s work and he continues on the successful trajectory noted in his 2013exhibition at Curve Gallery. His art explores contemporary facets making this artist visually aware of behaviour and consciousness.

The reality of livelihood inhibits many talented artists but a strong perseverance and belief in the route in which they are travelling is significant. Buckling to the whim of the audience is a deterrent, one in which for many is a necessity but at what cost…

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