Wearable Narratives

Artist: Kerr Grabowski



Wearable art stunning in its complexity and design is on exhibit at Timeless Textiles. American artist Kerr Grabowski’s use of screen printing to establish marks and pattern on delicate fabrics produces a seemingly endless array of juxtapositions.Kerr1

Grabowski’s website offers an insight into the screen printing process with a DVD available. It seems a tenacious resolve to experiment and manipulate materials incorporating freedom and dexterity are her valuable tools.

Simple line and shape denote story pieces, whimsical yet bold in their individuality. The exhibition flows with harmonious intent capturing the experimental technique and charm in the clothing. Primarily scarves and jackets are available though a series of 9 canvases each offering a glimpse of the versatility of this medium are on display.Kerr2

Kerr Grabowski’s Wearable Narratives are on display at Timeless Textiles until 13th April. This is a rare peek into the technique of Deconstructed screen printing.

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