A review in pictures.

Hi all. Today I am going to inundate you with many pictures of art because I just want to. There have been a few exhibitions I’ve been to recently around town and as has happened all too often, many of these exhibitions have finished but for those who can’t always get to the galleries here is a snapshot from the past couple of weeks. I’ll begin with those exhibitions that are still open. Cheers!


Socialite Disorder, Acrylic on canvas, $725. This painting is a beauty by the recent Newcastle Art School Graduate Cheridan Chard.  On exhibition at CStudios until the 1st July.


And another of Cheridan’s paintings. It should be noted that Cheridan also has photographs in this exhibition. 


The artist Toni Amidy is also exhibiting alongside Cheridan at CStudios until 1st July. Her skillful manipulation of graphite can be seen in this image. Movement, line work and a relaxed presentation of the pose. It’s all happening in this work.


Double Spread, oil on canvas by Toni Amidy, $350. The same easy sense with materials is also happening here in one of Toni’s paintings at Cstudios presently.


The artist June Wheen’s terracotta mugs, $12 each at Back to Back Galleries at present. This exhibition titled The Country Kitchen highlights the work of the members of this wonderful gallery. Finishes the 2nd July.


The “Cow” Bowl. $20 by artist Trish Luck. At Back to Back Gallery until 2nd July.


This groovy piece of art by Edward Milan was recently on exhibit at Gallery 139 for the group exhibition titled “Little”.


Melissa Bull created this wonderful object for the exhibition “Little” at Gallery 139. I must say I was very tempted with this piece, almost adding it to my collection.

























A part of a series titled Little Boats Series III by the artist Lucile Carson. These small wall mounted assemblages replicate the plight of the refugee acutely. Made of wood and electrical components it’s a clever and thought provoking art work. Unfortunately this exhibition “Little” (coinciding with the exhibition of the same name at Gallery 139) at Acrux Gallery has concluded.


A rather beautiful and expressive painting titled Mountain Parrot by Michelle Teear. From the exhibition “Little” at Acrux Gallery.


Now this exhibition is well and truly over. This work by Shelly Evans in the exhibition at ASW until the 11th June was effective. This was a group show with Carly Brett and Meghan Gillard.

And so concludes “A review in pictures”