Art in unexpected places.

Art galleries have not been included in my wanderings of late. And that has to be rectified in the not too distant future. But that doesn’t mean I’ve not been keeping my eye out for the odd skillful creation elsewhere. And would you believe elsewhere just happens to be the Belmont TAFE. I’ve been looking at this piece of art for about a year now whenever I need to visit the front office (I’m working out there at present I just thought I’d add)  and last week became too curious to ignore asking about it any longer. The work in question was donated by a student years ago and no one seems to know who the artist is now. I couldn’t find a name on the work but there is another piece of art thought to be by the same painter in the foyer and I think it says “Tobias 04”. Anyway it’s a little bit of a mystery but one I thought I’d share.


The painting I have been looking at for a year now and rather enjoying.


This painting does have a signature.


Actually it may not say Tobias. What do you think?

Having told you I haven’t been to a gallery lately was a bit of a fib. I did actually meander in to Gallery 139 this morning purely as a means of dropping my own art off for an exhibition opening there on Saturday 2-4 (just a bit of a plug there) titled Sanctuary. More of that one at a later date. Anyhow I was hoping I wouldn’t be too late to see Olivia Parsonage’s exhibition titled ‘The Clocking Tick’. Unfortunately I was though I did get a glimpse of a few that were awaiting pick up after being sold. For those that don’t know Olivia’s work she  has a mischievous way with fabric and narrates wonderful stories with scraps and her sewing machine. I’m sorry I missed the show but thankful she is now a represented artist with Gallery 139 so more shows in the future.


Here’s one of Olivia Parsonage’s little beauties.


I’m hoping I can get to some exhibitions in the next week particularly one of my favourites in Newy The Kilgour at the Newcastle Regional. Anyway have a spectacular week. Cheers