Continuing our trek about this earth we found ourselves in Calgary last week. For those not familiar with the whereabouts of this fine city it’s in the Canadian province of Alberta. It’s a rather flat kind of city being part of the prairie lands and it’s known for the Calgary Stampede which I gather is a kind of hoedown attracting the cowboys of the province. Yes it’s cowboy (and girl) country. Though what I saw of the city it seems it’s shaking this reputation and garnering strength as a hip kind of place embracing new architecture and technology. And the urban art in the street is rather eye catching.



This structure in the heart of the mall surrounded by groovy restaurants and people reflects the contemporary and innovative feel of the city.

Below are 2 large sculptures found in the city centre. You can see the scale of them from the yellow one on the left. Calgary perhaps has a lot of money floating about as it is the centre of Alberta’s oil and gas economy. Regardless it’s good to see this street sculpture.


An interactive artwork found down by the Bow River walk. A patterned work made of marbles that can be rolled around in the confines of the honeycomb like structure. Nifty don’t you think.

A quick venture into Contemporary Gallery Calgary had to happen seeing as though we were walking past. This large gallery had 4 floors of what I would call academic art (art that requires contemplation and perhaps a little research to understand the dynamics and history of the work). While my travelling buddy spent the visit rolling eyes and sighing I attempted to find some connection and meaning to the artists’ purpose. Hmmm!

Above are digitally scanned and altered sketchbook works by the artist Ann Newdigate. I particularly enjoy the dialogue in this artists work.

At the Esker Foundation I came across the work of Mary Anne Barkhouse an indigenous Canadian working in various mediums to coalesce ideas of the environment and our impact on it. I know this is not new but her interpretation was fresh. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take photographs of the work and I cannot find the one piece that particularly resonated with me on the net but one can only sigh. The work on paper questioned the white mans attitude to the wolf, why we regard it as a beast to be afraid of while perhaps it is the human that is the threat. Yes not new territory but her interpretation was meaningful. I’ll add a link to this artist here and perhaps next time I’ll sneak a photo.

Anyway that’s it for Calgary art. I’ll leave you with a few pics of some art I found at a cute suburb called Inglewood. The Gallery is called Art on 9th and the artist is Julie DeBoer. Cheers.