Creative ventures about town.

Well I should have written this post a few weeks ago but my trip to Sydney on a whim interfered with that so sorry about the delay. I’m here to tell you about a few creative ventures in our town that are small tributes to both the people who have made them happen and also the artists that exhibit and work in the spaces.

First up is Creator Incubator. Located in Hamilton North it’s a hive of activity with diverse art businesses operating under the one roof. The whole concept is to work in a buzzing atmosphere where there are other artists to bounce  ideas off and offer support (for those artists that do not work well in isolation). The gallery is up for grabs for those out there interested in a new exhibition space. The whole premise has been conceived by local sculptor Braddon Snape and it’s a credit to him. So take a look at the pics below to get a general feel for the place.



The gallery space. A new exhibition opened this weekend.



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Upstairs at the Incubator you’ll find the painters of the clan.


The working space in the Incubator. There’s Janita on the left who uses the space for her book binding business. She recently arrived from The Emporium in Newcastle Mall which closed last month.


Graham and Gina taking in the art work.


Me in the tardis at The Creator Incubator!

It was a chilly day when I went to visit the Creator Incubator so when I left there (after strategically placing my giveaway of the week in the near vicinity) I decided to head into the warmth so I took myself off to Gardo (or Westfield Kotara as it’s more commonly known these days).


My giveaway of the week. 

For some time now Westfield Kotara has played a part in acknowledging that the Newcastle area is home to many creatives. With shops regularly coming and going in the shopping centre  it’s allowed Creative Village Newcastle to occupy the empties while a new tenant is sourced. At present (or at least last month) they were upstairs opposite-ish Target. It’s a great alternative to the mass production seen everywhere in these centres which I know offers affordable luxuries, but wouldn’t it be great if more consumers put their weight (or at least their dollars) behind those that are creating individual pieces.


Some hand painted glassware on offer at Creative Village.


The shop at Westfield looking rather professional.

And lastly but not leastly let’s go all the way out to Caves Beach where there’s a great gallery operated by a Newcastle Art School graduate Leslie Duffin. Finite Gallery is sprinkled with beach scenes for obvious reasons. Being a spectacular spot and expanding exponentially (feeling a tad sad for the many species that have been usurped by more humans developing the land in that general area) Leslie has a prime spot for future art sales growth. Being so close to Sydney and the Central Coast is another bonus.  It’s a space that also offers classes in painting and design by some talented teachers and the first Friday evening of the month is often assigned to an artist to impart their knowledge to an audience of aspiring creatives. Here are a couple of works currently on display in the gallery. They’re not oceanic inspired pieces however that’s intentional in an attempt to show there is a diverse collection.


Linocut by local artist Shane Audrins


Still life by Geoffrey Breen.

Anyway that’s it for my latest post and promotion. Hope you have a wonderful week being inspired by all art circulating about us in our atmosphere of unawareness. Here’s cheers!