Incidental art in Hawaii.

The plans were all good but alas I didn’t make it to Honolulu to see anything much. It was a quick drive through to reach Waikiki really so of course art galleries were not on the agenda. And to be honest the beach was just too enticing. But that didn’t stop me taking quick pics of some of the art exhibited to beautify the Waikiki  centre. Here’s a few I took.

Waikiki art

A segment of a painting found in the meandering walkways of the luxury hotels (say the Sheraton but there are so many of them I get confused).


A sand sculpture near the luxury shops near the luxury hotels. Need I say more. But it’s a wonder of skill for sure. Designed and sculpted by Jill Harris and Thomas Koet.


Apparently photos were not allowed but I’d taken this before the sign was pointed out to me by my patient partner. I found this in the council chambers at the Ala Moana shopping centre.  Artist: Leo Hone.


Not in Waikiki but saw this at a shop further towards the north end of Oahu at a macadamia nut plantation. It looked rather old and it wasn’t for sale. Just there beautifying.