Maitland Regional and some.

Well I’m busy at the moment and I’m just not getting to as many exhibitions. Newcastle seems so far away  (20 minutes on a good day) and with the utter chaos that is the city at present it’s just not that appealing. But I’m making excuses really. I just need to stop working (which as a casual could be at any moment) and start getting back in to those galleries. Last week I found myself up Maitland way and looking to pass some time so of course I headed to the Regional. And it was worth it.

Lionel Lindsay has a room dedicated to a collection of his superb prints. I’m a sucker for the quaint and just lapped up his wood engravings of cats and flowers and interiors. What a master though. His quality of line and attention to detail is exquisite and convey a genuine skill in perception. As far as the name Lindsay goes I generally think of the voluptuous sirens created by his artist brother Norman. Perhaps this is why Lionel seems overshadowed but according to this collection it shouldn’t be that way.  Maybe Norman’s work is just more exciting. Who knows… Fame is that random beast that for most is elusive. At least he is worthy of Maitland’s collection. And they’ve dedicated a full year to this exhibition which closes 8th April 2018. So plenty of time to see this one.


Lionel Lindsay and his etching Cat and Mouse.

Upstairs are a number of exhibitions two being by local artists. I wandered into “Atlas” by Anne-Maree Hunter and became increasingly intrigued. Over three or so years her output has been remarkable. Such a large body of work and most dedicated to the map and its topography. I particularly liked the small jewellery boxes she has collected. Inserted in each are small 3D landscapes. As a massed collection they work well. Adjacent to this exhibition is the work of Sylvia Ray titled “Play”. My understanding of her concept is that perhaps as an audience in our large galleries we take art too seriously and this artist wants to re imagine the idea of art as fun and playful, an experience not to be analysed and measured. For obvious reasons though I felt this work was conceptual and in need of analysis. What is the meaning behind an array of mammary glands hanging by a string titled Boobular Bells ( Tubular Bells anyone)? I wonder what Freud would say… but who cares really. This exhibition made me smile. Both of these exhibitions finish 8th October.


And now to a couple of exhibitions from Gallery 139 I’ve seen and neglected to write about. ‘The Print Tomorrow’ featured a number of local artists dedicated to the printmaking technique. I am familiar with Gina McDonald’s ethereal work and loved her lunar landscapes in this exhibition. Jane Collins is also a favourite of mine incorporating collage into her printmaking. This exhibition concluded July 16th. The latest exhibition ‘Big Bad Land’ made landscape muse. I had a soft spot for the painting ‘Path to the Beach. Yuraygir National Park’ by Sally Reynolds. I was wandering again down the sand track to the balmy beach in Goa (in my imagination at least). But it wasn’t only the reverie this painting placed me in that appealed. I also relished the quality of the paint application especially within the leaves and branches of the tree where the sky juxtaposed beautifully against the thick painterly brush strokes. Hmmm rather tempting. Exhibition finished August 6th.


Art work by Sally Reynolds from Big Bad Land an exhibition at Gallery 139 that is unfortunately over. 

I also popped in to see a Ocean Blue Gallery Belmont. At present they have a junior selection of work on display as well as a painting group from Caves Beach. I would have bought one of the paintings on exhibition, a student of Deanne Newland whose initials are CW. Unfortunately for me it must have been the only painting in the gallery that was not for sale. Oh well, I must keep looking. This exhibition is on for the remainder of the month.

20728080_10211631585124364_2135443697472610318_n (1)

Oooo I want this painting by CW

Anyway that’s me in art. Til next time have a wonderful winter week.