One fine day.

So Newcastle was in full persuasive mode yesterday. It couldn’t have been a more spectacular day with a pleasant breeze, light dappled sapphire seas and clear skies. It had me wanting to buy that little apartment overlooking the ocean (well that’s not really necessary, the harbour would do) and become that coffee obsessed snob that Aussies are reputed as being overseas (setback is I don’t drink coffee). Anyhow while we were contemplating the barriers, both to my dreams of a little holiday unit in town and the ones still standing proud about the racetrack we happened upon a fresh exhibition and I was eager to get a peek. It was a quick one so needless to say I’ll be going back before its over.


A favourite of mine by James Drinkwater. I was keen to buy this one but unfortunately sold. Perhaps the $3000 price tag would have put a halt to that though anyway.

Would you call James Drinkwater Newastle’s leading light? I’m not sure but he’d have to be up there with the names on Novocastrian lips (well those that give 2 hoots about art anyway). And well deserved too. I love his work. The texture and quality of the thick application of paint just always reels me in. He’s exhibiting at present with his partner Lottie Consalvo at The Lock-Up and it doesn’t disappoint. Although separate exhibitions the art works coalesce well and with the cells hosting individual pieces it works out to be a thoughtful exhibition. I’m also a keen advocate for the  paintings of Consalvo who’s contemporary pieces are meaningful and reverent. In a darkened cell the trained lighting reflects the  energy of the artist through the restrained hues yet vibrant brushstrokes. There were also some bizarre sculptures in the courtyard worth contemplating. Welded into varying disparate postures these sensational works are wild and ungainly. But they work.


A painting in the exhibition by Lottie Consalvo. 

For those out and about in Newcastle one fine day and interested in the exhibition it concludes on the 21st January 2018. Wow who can believe 2017 is almost at its end.

I also wanted to let you know of my new Instagram site dedicated to this blog The Layman Reviewer. I see so much art and rarely does it all get posted on this blog so I thought it was time to dedicate an Instagram site to it. I’m not sure whether this link will take you to the page but I’ll give it a go anyway.

So if I don’t get a chance to write again before Christmas have a merry one and all the best in your arty world. Cheers!