The Kilgour Prize 2017

Ok so I’ve selected my winners for the Kilgour this year. I say winners because I’ve chosen 3 and I can’t pick from there (a judge in an art competition is not a post I’d envy). Of course it never aligns with the art work that stands out from  the crowd and wins the cash. Anyway here they are in no particular order.


Actually I lie about the order. I really do love this oil painting by Caroline Zilinsky. The Hooligan portrays a criminal that has mellowed with age. I just find the expression on his face full of character and reflection. And I’m rather smitten with the chaise lounge.


I’m not always a fan of realism but this oil painting by Ann Maree Clark has a not too exacting vibe.  You can see in the carpet the effortless quality of the brush. The muted colour palette also appeals. I love it because it’s not trying too hard.


Country Childhood by Frankie Morgan reminded me immediately of Jim Dine’s Pinocchio. Experimental, immediate and confident. Well done. It’s not many that no when to stop. 

So there it is for 2017. I always enjoy the Kilgour and choosing my winners. Let me know your choice. Finishes 15th October.

Cheers and have a wonderful week in art.