The Newcastle Club Prize 2017.

It was great to finally  see NAS’s new gallery last weekend. It’s a tiny space but that’s fine. The essentials are there (which is the art). Anyway I was able to take a peek at the finalists for the Newcastle Prize. There were a few in the final 11 that I particularly loved and there were also some pieces that I would have included as finalists that were passed over. But that’s the difficult nature of art prizes.

So here are some that I loved in no particular order.


Title: Me at Redhead Beach. Well we all know that person at Redhead Beach that has indulged in just a little too much sun. For that matter my son came back from the beach this week looking very much like the artist here. I also think I have a soft spot for this piece of art because it has my favourite beach in Newcastle in it. The artist is Edward Milan I thought I’d add. And unfortunately it didn’t make the cut. But I would have included it.


Now this one is a finalist. Titled Along the Yuelarbah track. It’s the technique I find enthralling in this work. Simple organic forms and muted tones give a distinct harmonious feeling to the painting. Rather poetic really and a favourite for me. The artist is Joseph Belford. Good luck.


Now here’s an iconic site don’t you think. I’ve been visiting this little piece of Australia for some time now. Titled The Early Bird Captures The Tide by Andrew Dennis. It’s a wonderful composition with that dark road meandering within the picture and the glorious sun rising among the clouds. It has a peaceful quality only enhanced by the gestural line. Personally I think this could be the winner. I’ll just have to wait and see. (And watch Facebook)


Last but not least. Standing back from this painting is a perfect way to see this work but it’s also fun close up with its textural quality in the paint application. The water on the left has depth and integrity within the confines of the metal rail. All Novocastrian’s know this is the Bogey Hole. Unfortunately this painting by Belinda Street did not make the final cut. But I would have included this work in the final 11.

So there you have it. Hope all is well in your arty life. Until next time. Cheers!