Thou shalt not buy.

And I’m behind again. But there’s at least two exhibitions I’ve seen recently that are currently running. So lets begin.

I made the most of the free park I stumbled across in town 2 weeks ago and had a good wander about the gallery (anyone notice it’s getting harder to find parking in Newcastle?) The Kilgour has already been mentioned in this blog so I’ll skip upstairs to the montages of Tracey Moffatt and Gary Hillberg. To be honest I spent most of my time in the gallery watching these riveting pieces. ‘Love’ follows the story of romance from that besotted beginning to the tragedy that is the end. The mix up of excerpts include black and white and contemporary movies in no particular order. The order comes in the emotion that is palpable in the scenes. I enjoyed recognising movies and the stars and although I’m not a complete movie tragic there were a few familiar scenes in there. Guns are firing in the final chapter where the ladies get their revenge. ‘Montages’ finishes Nov 5th.

Also upstairs is Mazie Turner’s abstracts which I had a quick peek at. There’s a great range of work there including her early photography. I’m not going to say too much about her work but I will say she was a wonderful teacher who introduced me to many inspiring artists including Juan Davila. Colour theory was her forte and many a lesson was spent delving into the intriguing nature of tonal change, intensity and juxtaposition. Thanks for your brilliance Mazie. ‘Mazie Karen Turner: Between dream and earth’ concludes Nov 5th.

Next up Art Systems Wickham where presently Dino Consalvo is exhibiting his abstracted series of the built environment. OK now for the confession. I bought one (I know my house is full Mum but I could’t help myself). But that’s it for the year. No more. Aaargh! But back to the exhibition. It’s a very professional well structured show. Most of the pieces are small and hence affordable (hence the reason I succumbed). And the intriguing nature of the materials used adds mystery to the process. Gouache on cement sheet is rather intoxicating and slightly unnerving. No I have not heard of this combination of materials before. But the effect is mesmerizing. ‘Traverse’ concludes October 1st.

21617802_10211936844835666_5706647678919701243_n (1)

Southern Journey by Dino Consalvo. This is gouache on cement sheet. And is now owned by me. I noticed on Facebook yesterday that Dino is part of the contingent that is the finalists for the Paddington Art Prize 2017. 

And now for the shows that have passed. I popped in to Acrux on Friday mostly to drop off some paintings for an exhibition I am in there opening Saturday (yes a bit of an unashamed promo there). While I was there I saw the current exhibition ‘What’s Golden’. the 2 PhD students from Newcastle uni exhibited exquisitely precise renderings of animals. Vicki Hamilton manipulated porcelain to achieve stunning casts of dogs. And Vanessa Lewis achieved outstanding results with charcoal and assorted pigments to capture the depth of affection in mans best friend. Also in the back of this beautiful gallery are ceramic hills with trees atop by Sharon Taylor. Oh I love them. (But thou shalt not buy)

And last but not least is an exhibition that I recently showed some of my drawings in. At Gallery 139 until 16th September Sanctuary was the name of a group show that delved into the internal and external imaginings of the haven. I was proud to be among some rather professional artists including Giselle Penn, Gwynne Jones, Lisa Pollard, Dominic Kavanagh, Judy Henry and Andrew Dennis. So thanks for the opportunity Gallery 139.


And yes I bought this one too. This work by Lisa Pollard was on exhibit at Gallery 139 recently as part of Sanctuary. 

Anyway that’s it for art I’ve seen about town the past couple of weeks. See you soon. Yours in art!


And here I am in front of some of my drawings that were on display at Gallery 139.