Union Steam Ship Company plus 1.

Newcastle city centre at the moment is what I would call “interesting”. You’d swear it was a war zone with Hunter street looking like its been bombed and the east end in full supercar mode with barricades in place while the race track is established. I don’t quite get the reason to race cars through a cramped city but I’ve never been a rev head, more a getting from point A to point B kind of driver. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the car race though it’s made Newcastle a bustling work station. Can’t really say there are many people enjoying a leisurely stroll about the streets though so makes it a difficult season for businesses in there. We sat for about 2 hours at One Penny Black on Thursday and although there were customers they were sparse hence the reason we were able to chat at leisure (I would thoroughly recommend the coffee scroll. Perfect!) I suppose though all good things come to those who wait and when the reno is complete the people will swarm into Newie (fingers crossed).

Anyway like usual I’ve meandered off track and want to tell you about some art in unusual places. I’d recently been told about a plastic surgery  in Watt st that is now hanging local art so I went searching. With a little help from a friend (thanks Shelagh) and Facebook messenger (I love social media) I let myself be ushered around the rooms of The Union Steam Ship Company building. What a pleasant surprise to find many rooms covered with art, some familiar names and some new ones too. Below are a couple of the pieces adorning the walls.


Alison Pateman’s reduction linocut titled Shapes and Ladders.


Gordon Snow’s oil on canvas.


So if you’re keen to take a walk in town and see the city taking shape check out Avery Plastic Surgery Suite1, Ground Floor 31-33 Watt Street, Newcastle. I’m not sure how much longer the exhibition runs for but I can say that the staff were very encouraging and let me peruse at my leisure.

Also not far away at The Lock up is an exhibition for those that don’t mind the intellectual appeal of art. I find I always need more time than what I’ve allowed when I visit and this time was no exception. There was one piece that stood out to me because of its aesthetic really. The shadow is so much a part of this work and I think being the isolated piece in a dark cell adds to the drama. The Shape of Memory runs until this Sunday 22nd Oct.


This untitled piece is by Consuelo Cavaniglia

Anyway I’ll leave it there. All going well I’m off on a little holiday soon (next week to be precise) and I’m hoping to post some art along the way however because my partner in crime is more Action Man than reflective art watcher I’m not sure how prolific a blogger I’ll be. So til next time happy arting. Cheers!