I can’t help being drawn to Back to Back Gallery in Bull St Cooks Hill. It’s the casual suburban feel I suppose not to mention it’s great art (and I regularly am walking past). Anyway its latest exhibition is “Enchanted”, and a group of ceramicists have come up with childhood imaginings. It finishes Sunday 25th September. Here are a couple of pieces I found rather inspiring by the artist Heather Campbell.

There is a haunting nature to these pieces of art. Like with all the best literature in childhood the creepy and mysterious are the ones that shine. Think Roald Dahl and his oeuvre. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comes to mind where the prettiness and temptation of the sweets beat disturbingly against the eerie depths of the characters. Oh of course except for the ever gracious Charlie and his grandfather. Long live Gene Wilder for bringing Willy Wonka to the screen in such a glorious and compelling way. But I’ve gone a little off track here.  These pieces work  in the same manner, both visually appealing  yet also flourishing with weird fantasy. Does anyone feel there is a Charles Blackman style to them? I’m think his Alice series, again creepy and fantastic.