Hamilton is art

I know getting around all the galleries in Newcastle can be a rather busy time but don’t forget Hamilton. With 2 galleries opposite one another in Beaumont st it is definitely a worthy addition to any gallery hop. Both galleries give local artists the opportunity to exhibit in group exhibitions taking away the anxiety of a solo performance which can be a daunting experience.


A painting by Lynette Bridge which will be on exhibit at Gallery 139 until 14th May 2016.

matthew tome

An etching by Matthew Tome as part of Beyond Colour.

“Beyond Colour”is currently showing at Gallery 139. Four local artists produce large abstracted paintings, etchings and ceramics.

Across the road at Nanshe Gallery the proprietor Barbara is demonstrating how her jewellery designs can be made large. Beautiful decorative imagery and symbols hang against the wall while opposite Naomi Wild sews expressive faces onto the natural tones of shibori fabric. “Under the dreaming” will be exhibited later this year in Europe offering both artists the opportunity to show their work to a wider audience.


This image demonstrated the sewn imagery of textile artist Naomi Wild who is currently exhibiting alongside Barbara Nanshe at Nanshe Gallery.


Barbara Nanshe’s wonderfully expressive wall adornments.

Just an aside though I wanted to share the details of an exhibition that closes today at Back to Back. “Perspectives” brings this gallery alive bombarding the space with delightful art to decorate the home. The three artist’s have come together to produce an interior that they determined from the beginning was going to be about adornment. Jane Smith has turned simple outdoor tables into masterpiece mosaics. Her work can also be seen on the bar at Rustica the restaurant opposite Newcastle Beach. The painter Stephanie Macfarlane is a woman after my own heart who decorates the walls with paintings of buldings and houses inspired by Europe and Morrocco. There’s also some weird planters that offer a glimpse into the surreal workings of the artist Suzanne Reid’s mind. Unfortunately I think they were all sold. In fact there were quite a few red dots about so there will be some wonderfully expressive homes out there after today.


A glimpse into the adorned Back to Back Gallery at present.

Just thought I’d add that both galleries in Hamilton are open Wednesday to Saturday. Not Sundays!