Materiality Performed

Maitland served up the goods yesterday while we waited patiently for a son to liven the cross fit crowd of Thornton with a few lively beats. We departed the Lycra clad scene and found a  pleasant little cafe in The Levee called Lavenders Riverside where we soaked up the atmosphere (literally) before we headed off to Maitland Regional. I had no idea what was on at the gallery which is generally my way of seeing art. But this gallery never disappoints. There’s always some out of the way nook to probe that will deliver. And yesterday was no exception.

Impressed is one word I’d use to describe my reaction to Braddon Snape’s manipulated steel sculptures. I’d seen this innovative technique of his at a group show previously, but it just didn’t have the impact it has as a body of work in Maitland’s great space where spotlights are directed onto each piece. It’s worth taking the time to watch the video installed just outside of the exhibition room to see the inflation of a flat featureless piece of steel transform into a work of art. Fascinating.

So if you’re up Maitland way in the near future make a beeline to the gallery. Finishes 6th November.


No not a piece of scrunched foil.


These are so tempting to touch (but I didn’t). Having said that though it was like Camp Runamok at the gallery yesterday. A bit of touching going on there. Must be new age hipster parenting. 


Suspended and out of reach.