Newcastle Viva

I know this is a little contrary to the standards expected in a particular profession, but I don’t think Blogs really adhere to expected standards. That’s perhaps why they’re a little more popular than news print I gather. Anyway I’m going to plug an exhibition that I’m appearing in at present without shame. It’s our drawing groups first foray into the world of exhibiting (that is together, each of us have exhibited many times).

Our Newcastle Viva show includes 5 artists, David Rose being the principle coordinator and all round good guy of the group. We began sketching a few years back to maintain drawing skills after we left art school. It’s a fun way to get about and see the various icons both natural and man made in Newcastle. And we always find plenty of time for a chat! Nevertheless we do leave each session with a sense of the environment and with information to work up into finished pieces. I have gathered an image from each of the artists’ below. So I hope you can make it in to Alchemy Art Space, 488 Hunter St Newcastle before we close on the 6th Oct. Also note we’re open each weekend 1-4pm.



A great little drawing David. So quick and lively.


This piece is by artist Gina McDonald. Like all of her work it is pensive and quiet. This piece is a favourite of mine.


Mine. Abstract and colourful. Well I do love colour.


Newcastle City Hall by Robyn Culley. Capturing the city in rejuvenation mode. Let’s hope the next building Robyn draws in this state of adjustment is the Post Office. One can only dream. Nice drawing Robyn.


This wonderful sketch is by Shane Audrins. Her attention to detail is inspiring. Oh to have the patience!