that’s my baby.

Artist: Rieteka Guersen

At Timeless Textiles.

26195_Thats my babyher top is so bright

Title: that’s my baby, her top is so bright.

Medium: Japanese Tengoshi paper, fabric and thread on Chinese scroll paper

Perhaps one of the sweetest exhibitions I’ve seen for a while is now happening at Timeless Textiles. A collection of thread drawings capture the innocence of childhood with captivating clarity. The process can be identified as a sketchbook shows the initial rapid drawings used for the final works.

26193_Thats my baby hes awake and my husband hes asleep

that’s my baby, he’s awake, and my husband he’s asleep.

The artist Rieteka Guersen has allowed a peek into her family life, and suffuses the images with maternal love and warmth. It’s a delicate peaceful exhibition, one depicting the importance of the family for solidity and harmony that is so often dismissed as just an interruption to more important careers. Parenthood may be a burden to economic sensibilities but this exhibition highlights the essential qualities required for a caring society. “that’s my baby” shows until 13th March 2016.

26197_Thats my Baby low res

that’s my baby, her blanket is nice and warm