The Gosford Art Prize 2016

To begin with I have to comment on the surprise I had when I visited Gosford Regional Gallery and saw a dedicated space for a shop on my left and to my right a bustling cafe. Oh and then you walk out into the gardens and it is an oasis. Yes it’s been a while since I’ve been there but my reaction was immediate and targeted. What is happening in Newcastle? Our gallery struggles to do anything with a hostile community and obvious disinterest at the government level. When the past week has seen funds handed out to hockey and basketball associations in the local area you have to start noticing where the money is being funnelled to. Sport is the obsession and there’s nothing wrong with that (though it is a tad boring).  But we’re a wealthy nation so surely we can have both…

Anyway to the art. There is an abundance. And the standard is terrific. Stand outs were aplenty and of course my choices don’t generally line up with the judges when it comes to these prizes and this one is no exception. There were many familiar names floating about with present and past teachers and students of the Newcastle Art School amongst them. To choose only a few works for this post was difficult and I’ve concentrated on paintings which seems to be my inclination.

However I will be posting more to my Facebook page in the coming week. Click the link below to check  it out.

Gosford Art Prize closes 4th December.


This is my choice. The artist Wendy Bills has had a lot of fun with the paint. Take a closer look at the fabric and the beauty of the folds. The pinning of the artist on the left as a specimen is also bewildering. 

Artist: Wendy Bills

Title: The natural History Illustrator… A Portrait of Rita Kurpiewski

Medium: oil on canvas

Price: $1500




I’ve seen this expression before. Anyone who is a parent has. Yes it’s an exquisite painting but it was the boots that sold me. They are so beautifully luscious. I want a pair. 

Artist: Peter Smeeth

Title: Little Miss NO!

Medium: oil on canvas

Price: NFS



It’s the random sense of chaos in this drawing that describes life. Taming is just futile. And this work has not sought to tame but shows the beauty in the chaos. 

Artist: Dana Dion

Title: Early Evening Walk

Medium: drawing medium and acrylic on paper

Price: $4200