The Kilgour Prize 2016

Yes it’s back. The annual prize that has local artists vying for a spot on the wall. The Kilgour Prize is always one I look forward to as it attracts so many varied interpretations of the humble portrait.Picking the winner is random and inconsequential. Like any art prize there are always numerous winners in amongst the finalists and choosing would be an unenviable task. However just for fun I’d pick Michael Bell. One day his number is going to come up. He’s a regular finalist for this prize. This year the winner of the $50 000 is the local artist Peter Gardiner. Great stuff!

Below is a selection of the stand outs for me but like I always say art is subjective. Remember you can vote for the People’s Choice. Hopefully it doesn’t have the reputation of the Packer’s Prize in The Archibald which is apparently the kiss of death for the winning artist. Because you know those Packer’s have no idea about great art. Sigh…


Festival of pets by the artist Michael Bell. The winner according to me.


Woman on a red chair by Robert Malherbe. The brush strokes sold me on this one. It’s much better in the flesh so to speak. 


Food warrior by Edward Milan. Well what can I say. It’s fun and spontaneous and absurd. Everything I love in art.


Emmy as a Spanish Contessa by Isobel Clement. The sparse painting style contrasts with the formal pose and combined with the pared back palette all work wonderfully. 


The resurgence of portrait art classes is real. In this podcast we hear about a class with a difference. Rather inspiring.

Below is the link for voting in the peoples choice.