The streets of Christchurch

When I visited Christchurch on the weekend initially I was bewildered by the destruction, dust and lack of apparent eagerness to get the city beautified again (kind of reminded me of Newcastle NSW so there must be a fair bit of politics happening behind the scenes). But then I started wandering about and realised there was so much to this crumbled city and it’s probably a  wee (a term used liberally in NZ)  bit interesting. So I’ve taken a few photos of the art and the havoc wreaked by the earthquake of 2011. It’s a gentle reminder of our vulnerability I guess. Though we all love to have a go at taming nature.

The cathedral

The cathedral looking a little worse for wear.



“The Chalice of Christchurch”, sculpture by Neil Dawson, Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand


Wheatsheaf Sculpture by Regan Gentry, 2008


Much mesh everywhere.


A birds eye view.


Seems to me this building we were in was pretty old so surprised it’s still standing.


Sculpture in the central part of the photo is Woods From The Trees Sculpture by Regan Gentry on the corner of High and Tuam Streets. Made from recycled Rimu from demolished Christchurch houses.


So many opportunities for street art.


The Cardboard Cathedral in Christchurch, New Zealand, is the transitional pro-cathedral of the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch opened in August 2013. It was designed by architect Shigeru Ban and seats around 700 people.


And lastly a selfie!