Two exhibitions in Bull St

Conversations with  ghosts at Back to Back Gallery

Mazgaon musings at Cooks Hill Galleries 

Considering the work required to get an exhibition out there, there is not much time to peruse before they’re whipped away and replaced by another. Every week I stop by a few galleries and observe. What I always see is dedication and resillience because it’s a tough business the old art world. The exhibitions I’m promoting today finish soon and have taken the artists a great length of time to study and create.



Necklace inspired by Peter Paul Rubens. Artist Sally Picker.

Conversations with ghosts at Back to Back Gallery is an exhibition carefully researched and prepared,  the premise being to investigate an admired artist and pay homage to them. The late Australian artist Gwyn Hanssen Piggot whose elegant ceramic still lifes are much admired became the muse for Sue Stewart. The play of light about the array of vessels explores the quality of space and shadow. Sally Picker prints on clay to create exquisite lace necklaces inspired by the Baroque artist Peter Paul Rubens. Using copper plate Gina McDonald delves into the essence of art inspired by the late Australian sculptor Bronwyn Oliver. The quality of Penny Wilson’s etchings are to be admired. Facets of rich tones using a mixture of printmaking techniques describes the ocean. Her muse is JMW Turner. Vale Zakarauskas again uses printmaking techniques to create a selection of boxes and fascinating books stimulated by John Coburn.


Birds Flew in the Sky by Ben Kenning. Acrylic on canvas

Next door at Cooks Hill Galleries a residency in India has inspired the work of Ben Kenning. I follow Kenning on Instagram and therefore have watched his travels about the sub continent so it’s great to see the finished work from this exploration. There’s a bustling exuberence to his abstracts that are strong and appealing. Birds Flew in the Sky realises a layering process that allows for a play with tone and shape.

Both exhibitions conclude this Sunday 28th Feb so take that relaxing stroll about Cooks Hill this weekend.