Art in Newcastle July 2015

Exhibitions include:   

“The Oddness of Being”

“Windows Doors and Dogs of Vence”

“The Seven Painters – The First Fifteen”

Artist: Michelle Brodie

Artist: Michelle Brodie

Those of us who have been meandering about the art galleries of Newcastle for a while would know the artist Michelle Brodie. Her exhibitions pop up just enough to keep us eager and expectant. So when I heard recently that she was having a show at Art Systems Wickham I was very keen indeed. I trundled off a couple of weeks ago on a cold Sunday afternoon to be welcomed by a continuum of strange insights into the subconscious. Elongated heads and nuts were predominant as subject matter. This was not surprising as these objects have appeared and evolved over a number of exhibitions and is a principle focus of self-evaluation and analysis. Nuts become a signature of many identities and boats isolated and floating bemuse with their solitary wanderings. Although I have grown to appreciate the narrative within these odd depictions of an inner world I must admit to being attracted to the confidence the artist has with brush and paint. Her determination to continue on this artistic ride is much appreciated by a growing audience of admirers. “The Oddness of Being” finished July 12th.

Artist: Linda Greedy

Artist: Linda Greedy

Now to a couple of exhibitions still running. At Back to Back Gallery, Windows Doors and Dogs of Vence describes a week in the lives of two talented artists who ventured to France last year to enjoy and create. Nicola Bolton’s precise drawings and paintings are exquisite in detail and character. Her painting relating a dog peeking through the verandah rail is cute and humorous. The clever companion to Nicola in this show is Linda Greedy who earlier this year I wrote about in regard to her exhibition at Maitland Gallery titled “Spin”. Her impressive technique continues with an insight into her drawing capabilities where freedom of line and movement is apparent. Anne Gazzard the ceramic artist has also been inspired by a visit to France.

Newcastle Art Space is hosting the annual show of The Seven Painters. The diversity of subject matter and technique makes for an entertaining exhibition and this year I particularly liked Sarah Knights body of work. Her venture into the Australian landscape is energetic in colour and experimentation.  Particularly her gouache works show a capable spontaneity. This and previous exhibitions from this group indicate there is an abundance of talent and enthusiasm for creative endeavours.

Both of the above exhibitions are showing until 26th July.

Here’s hoping you make the most of the winter sun and take a stroll about the many Newcastle galleries. Until next time…

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