A Farewell to Arms

Artist: John Moroney

At Curve Gallery until 4th July.JMCurve005

The Newcastle art scene is a thriving and bustling microcosm of energy. I admit to not being able to see all that is happening out there but I try. This week I was able to see the latest exhibition at Curve Gallery by the local artist John Moroney.  And I’m more than willing to say it is a fine and mostly infrequent example of the talent required to make it past the local art circuit.JMCurve001

Moroney not only shows work that delves deep, it is reflective, sensual and describes the subject’s soul. This achievement is a gift that allows painting to transcend from merely the decorative.  He displays a talent for perspective without the painstaking and arduousness often seen in this art genre. And while he paints the recognised subject he still allows room for the brush to take possession producing free and curious manipulations with the medium.

Also to admire is the confronting grittiness of an artist with the confidence to get past the personal and produce a body of work that challenges emotion. It’s an enviable accomplishment for this young artist still studying at The National Art School in Sydney.  Moroney’s  achievements to date include winning the painting section of the Newcastle Emerging Art Prize (2014), being selected as semi-finalist for the Doug Moran Portrait Prize and a finalist in the Black swan Portraiture Prize in Perth.JMCurve007

John Moroney’s exhibition titled “A Farewell to Arms” is on at Curve Gallery until 4th July 2015.JMCurve002

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