The Lockup

The Lockup gallery is located at 90 Hunter St Newcastle. Until 1982 this was the Newcastle Police Station so there is certainly a unique atmosphere in this building.

Home also to the Newcastle Writers Centre. There are various cultural activities conducted here and it is well worth keeping an eye out for these activities.

4 thoughts on “The Lockup

  1. Jessi England Sideris

    Hi. I have just discovered your blog. What a great find! Hope you make it back to The Lock-Up before ‘Ash Island and Its Transformations’ finishes and are a regular visitor thereafter. Our website has changed from what you have listed above and we are no longer calling the gallery the John Paynter Gallery…just The Lock-Up.. so you may want to update. Love to chat to you about what we are planning for the space. Or visit new website Best, Jessi from The Lock-Up


    1. Jessi England Sideris

      Hi Kerri. Just having a look on your blog and it seems The Lock-Up website hasn’t been changed yet. Be great if you could change to correct address. We have an exciting year planned. Full program should be up on the website in a couple of weeks time. All the best. Jessi from The Lock-Up


      1. kerrismithartist Post author

        Hi Jess. I can’t seem to find the area on my blog you want me to change. I might be overlooking something so let me know where the change is required. Thanks again for your feedback. Kerri


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