Berthe Morisot

Oh I’m loving this latest book I’m reading. It’s an insight into an artist that persevered in a world dominated by male artists and critics. But her love of painting provided her with the impetus to keep wielding the brush. The artist is Berthe Morisot a French Impressionist and mainstay of the group that would change art history.

Born in France in 1841, she began painting as a teen, encouraged by her mother. What I notice about her art is the timelessness. Loose brushstrokes and free handling of paint is fresh and except for the period clothing could be the oeuvre of a contemporary artist. I immediately thought of Juan Davila whose technique is similar.

This oil on canvas below is not considered one of her finest according to the annals of history but it’s a perfect painting in my books. Light dances off the collar of the dress reflecting softly on the young woman’s face. The garden in the background is mesmerising in its menagerie of green hues. The rose on the right is seen clearly through the window and another peeps through the sheer curtain. It’s just a wonderful feminine image, real and enchanting.

It’s the art I’m loving today.

Below is a painting by Juan Davila. Can you see the similarity in technique?