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Art in July


Linda Greedy’s art work shown at Nexus in July.

Click the link to read and see art I’ve admired in July.

Art in July

Follow me @the_layman_reviewer to see art I’m enjoying presently. Apologies if you saw this as a partial post earlier in the week. My infrequent use of this medium is showing lately.

Thou shalt not buy

It’s that time again. Yes I’ve been out and about looking at art and there’s some great artists in our town. Click the link to read more. Cheers!


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East End Art

I should have written this blog 2 weeks ago when I poked my head into a few of the galleries up the east end of Newy but alas I didn’t quite get there. And in the mean time I’ve cleaned all the photos off my phone so I’ve had to borrow some from Facebook. So thank you to the internet. Anyway here goes.

I made a dash to the 3 galleries we have in Hunter street’s east end on a Thursday a couple of weeks ago while there was a lull in foot traffic heading through the doors of The Emporium. And I wasn’t disappointed with the line up on offer. At the Lockup until 11th June Sally Bourke is exhibiting her soulful depictions of human angst. They are portraits of emotion that delve into the human psyche. Rather impressive really. No one image can  represent an individual but all humanity is described in this series. Think of Edvard Munch’s The Scream and you’re on the right track. Jamie North is also exhibiting his body of work titled Slidings which delves into the industrial heritage of Newcastle using waste products such as slag with a little bit of nature softening the concept.


Then on to Timeless Textiles who are presently exhibiting a favourite, our local artist Olivia Parsonage. I just love her quirky stitches. Her ability to transform scraps of fabric into charming works of art, each with their own little personalities, is fantastic. In the adjacent gallery Anita Larkin uses her impeccable felting ability to produce thoughtful pieces. It’s brilliant that this gallery has brought fibre art to Newcastle. It’s a genre that is underestimated in most art watchers eyes probably because of its close association to craft. And I’m not belittling craft, my home is full of bright coloured crochet rugs made by my Nan last century.. But Timeless certainly is introducing us humble Novocastrians to a high end art form. Both exhibitions close 4th June. And don’t forget to pop into the shop in the back of the gallery space. Lots of inviting treasures in there.



I was also lucky enough to catch Jane Lander’s exhibition “Sea” which has unfortunately finished. As the title suggests the ocean is muse. Using copious quantities of paint the tempestuous body of water is transferred to canvas with expert technique. I really appreciate the magnetism of each of the canvases but I just felt I’d seen wonderful atmospheric oceans before. The next exhibition at Curve Gallery is Luke Beezley ‘Scratching the Surface’ opening Friday 23rd June 6pm.


And lastly I have to bring some news on the continuing improvement of Newcastle Mall. The old David Jones building is looking like it’s finally going to see bigger and better things so as a result The Emporium is closing. Last trading day is 17th June so those that want to check out the old building (well at least the front section) in its original form have just a few more weeks. Open Wed- Sat 10-4 It’s been enjoyable being part of the Renew Newcastle scene but “times they are a changin” and some might say for good ole Newcastle it’s about time. Let’s just hope they can get the ball rolling now. Because there always seems to be obstacles in the way for this section of town.


Anyway until next time happy arting!

The Newcastle Prize.

Hmmm! Well this was an interesting one. Perhaps they should have been a little more honest and called it Newcastle’s All Star Art Prize. Because on the whole you were not going to get picked unless you had a major prize to your name or had exhibited in a major gallery and therefore are a relatively safe bet for those that are going to participate in the art auction at the Newcastle club. Having said that I agree on the most part with the judges. A few hoary ones with a rather large name attached were given the thumbs up but as I’ve said before, it’s only one woman’s opinion. Anyway here’s my choice.


The winner according to me. Love it love it love it. I’d buy it if I could and it wasn’t going to cost an arm and a leg. But the important bit is it is by the artist Lottie Consalvo. Titled: I’ve found where I belong. This was chosen as one of the finalists.


The colour palette, the abstracted shapes and the texture all work so well. Each portion of the painting could be an artwork in itself. The artist is Paul Maher. Title: Retreat and sortie. This was not chosen as a finalist. 


Perfectly painted, perfectly composed and perfectly hilarious. This painting by Dallas Bray demonstrates the reason why this artist has won the Kilgour twice. Title: Top o’ the hill. Hilarious because more than likely it will end up being housed on top of The Hill. This was chosen as a finalist.

Be quick to check it out. There’s some quality paintings for sale that didn’t make the finals at Newcastle Art Space. Finishes tomorrow 6th November..


Gosford Art Prize

The Gosford Art Prize 2016

To begin with I have to comment on the surprise I had when I visited Gosford Regional Gallery and saw a dedicated space for a shop on my left and to my right a bustling cafe. Oh and then you walk out into the gardens and it is an oasis. Yes it’s been a while since I’ve been there but my reaction was immediate and targeted. What is happening in Newcastle? Our gallery struggles to do anything with a hostile community and obvious disinterest at the government level. When the past week has seen funds handed out to hockey and basketball associations in the local area you have to start noticing where the money is being funnelled to. Sport is the obsession and there’s nothing wrong with that (though it is a tad boring).  But we’re a wealthy nation so surely we can have both…

Anyway to the art. There is an abundance. And the standard is terrific. Stand outs were aplenty and of course my choices don’t generally line up with the judges when it comes to these prizes and this one is no exception. There were many familiar names floating about with present and past teachers and students of the Newcastle Art School amongst them. To choose only a few works for this post was difficult and I’ve concentrated on paintings which seems to be my inclination.

However I will be posting more to my Facebook page in the coming week. Click the link below to check  it out.


Gosford Art Prize closes 4th December.


Artist: Wendy Bills

Title: The natural History Illustrator… A Portrait of Rita Kurpiewski

Medium: oil on canvas

Price: $1500




Artist: Peter Smeeth

Title: Little Miss NO!

Medium: oil on canvas

Price: NFS



Artist: Dana Dion

Title: Early Evening Walk

Medium: drawing medium and acrylic on paper

Price: $4200

Merewether ~ a transition


If you only get to see one exhibition over the next few days make it Dino Consalvo’s at Gallery 139 Hamilton. It’s simple to fall into these images and feel the atmosphere. The muted tones appeal and I rather like the scratching into wet paint to identify line. It closes Saturday.


So much movement. You can sense the moment and know it’s only fleeting.


It’s the composition that captures my attention. Also I love the familiarity. Any Novocastrian knows where this is. Memories of sport days back at high school come to mind.


First Annual Art Exhibition- Art Mania Studio

imageThere’s a large shed located in Wallsend housing a great collection of art and craft that demonstrates the diversity of classes on offer there. All ages and all mediums are covered. It’s a tempting opportunity to delve into creative endeavours and this exhibition will attest to the quality outcomes. Ah there’s so much on offer when it comes to learning new skills and this big space out in the suburbs is one that should gather momentum. The exhibition is open weekdays 10-3 all this week. Art Mania Studio is located at 12 Council st Wallsend. Phone 02 49550509imageimage