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Williamsburg street art

Recently I took a trip to New York and found an arty neighbourhood. Click the link to read more. Cheers.




Fitzroy street art

Well I won’t deny when it comes to art I appreciate many forms and genres. Street art has always been a favourite. Probably being out of the confines of 4 walls is part of it. I like that it gives young artists a venue that doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg. Cos let’s face it, art is a career that takes more than it gives when it comes to money. Anyway take a look at some of the walls I happened by when I visited the streets of Fitzroy Melbourne recently. Cheers

Streets of Christchurch.

When I visited Christchurch on the weekend initially I was bewildered by the destruction, dust and lack of apparent eagerness to get the city beautified again (kind of reminded me of Newcastle NSW so there must be a fair bit of politics happening behind the scenes). But then I started wandering about and realised there was so much to this crumbled city and it’s probably a  wee (a term used liberally in NZ)  bit interesting. So I’ve taken a few photos of the art and the havoc wreaked by the earthquake of 2011. It’s a gentle reminder of our vulnerability I guess. Though we all love to have a go at taming nature.

The cathedral














Revealing what’s hot in contemporary art has been the real deal for Newcastle’s Curve Gallery. This month is no exception. Bringing together the urban contemporary artists M-lon, Graphico & Apeseven keeps that upbeat vigour rollicking along.


Transporting street art into exhibition spaces is pretty darn impressive so to see eight large canvases all adept and wildly meshed out is charming. Miguel Gonzalez aka M-lon sneaks some wild looking heads onto suits that trip the light fantastic with their anthropomorphic expressions. Backgrounds by Juan Vivas aka Graphico are sharp with graphic symbolism working well with the detailed foreground. “Miss Zebra, Dressed and Rowdy” is a stunner with her zebra stripes absorbing background graphics.


Amazing as these canvases are the real stand out in the gallery space is the ephemeral wall piece incorporating the talent of both the artists M-lon and Graphico with the addition of street artist George Hambov aka Apeseven. It’s in this collaboration that graffiti art can truly be recognised as a standalone genre. The easy ambivalence Apeseven achieves is contrary for while his technique appears fresh and relaxed his images dominate and thrive. In this collaboration the individual styles of the three artists are easily identified. 


What’s great about this form of art is the lack of pretension involved. These fellas make art knowing it’s momentary and with a society based on the tangible it’s refreshing. Curve Gallery exhibits iDENTITY until 15th November.