Advanced Diploma Exhibition


Advanced Diploma of Fine Arts Graduating Students Exhibition

Front Room Gallery 20th-30th November 2012

Ok, so Bazza thinks there’s no future for Fine Art graduates.

Well let him know he’s wrong. The ability to express ego is so much more than economics. And yeah we know without the capitalist ideology we wouldn’t be living this awesome lifestyle, but hey…

Somehow absorbed into the core of the graduate is an implosion of tenacious resolve that explodes, being communicated in profound studies that can only accentuate culture. And ya know…that’s important.

The last exhibition forever at the Front Room Gallery is the graduates of the Advanced Diploma of Fine Arts. And they’re going out with an anthology of high standard pieces emphasising the ability attained while students at the TAFE Newcastle Art School.

An installation, weightless in its tactile admission of boundaries hangs effortlessly from the ceiling. A canvas layered with oil paint is subtle with innuendo. Quirky pets are assembled from wood and found bits. Collographs informing the audience of the isolation of grief is powerful stuff. Images of carnival nightmares, painted in contrary lolly tones, bound prophetically from the gallery walls.

Endless, endless, endless. The initiative, the response, the mantra. “We will not be repressed.”

Each of these artworks offers an interpretation of a moment extracted from psyche. They’re a history of thought accumulated through experience.

So Barry. You’re not stopping anyone…

Vicki Gerritsen
Where the Quietest of Notes are Found
2250 x 1400cm
Oil on canvas

2 thoughts on “Advanced Diploma Exhibition

  1. leslie_duffin

    Glad you are putting it out there. This group of graduates will go on to great things and enrich society in many ways. The Arts have been appreciated for centuries. How many politicians will be revered and for how long?



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