Barbara Nanshe Studio

Yesterday I took myself on a venture into our town popping into shops along the way and hoping that my dollar might aid those businesses right now that are struggling with the construction of the light rail. It will be a much welcome addition to the city once it’s complete but for me I’ll be still moseying in on my feet. With the parks, the library, Darby st and our gallery, wow Newcastle, we have so much to offer.

Further afield, east of Newcastle Mall, there’s a fascinating little arcade that’s really coming into its own. City Arcade is home to an eclectic group of shops. A new barber  has brought in the hipsters and since I visited last year Barbara Nanshe has opened her gallery with an extensive array of her visionary collection.


Sculptural jewellery is a unique addition to any art collection not to mention wardrobe. I have a necklace made by Barb that is a distinct inclusion in my ever expanding art collection. Her latest pieces are a unique harmony of found objects from her recent travels assembled perfectly with semi precious stones and metal. A piece of indigo and white crockery dating back to the 19th century was found while foraging amid the debris of The River Thames. Cocooned in silver the age of the piece becomes a comparative point, one that contrasts poignantly against the fresh metal. With the addition of a pale pink gemstone complimenting the indigo of the ceramic it becomes a stand out piece.

This collection of sculptural jewellery is surrounded by her curious wall mounted art works made with wire that formed part of the collection she recently exhibited in Europe. I can’t help but feel there is more to come from this designer and artist. Exuding a warmth and heartening energy this gallery is a welcome addition to my regular art tours of Newcastle. Capture

Barbara Nanshe Studio is located at Shop 1/3 The City Arcade, 120 Hunter st Newcastle.

Until next time happy arting!