Dawn Patrol

Artist: Dino Consalvo

Artist: Dino Consalvo

Artists: Dino Consalvo, John Earle, Peter Lankas.

At Gallery 139 until August 22nd.

I popped into Hamilton Thursday knowing that I would be seeing a worthwhile exhibition at Gallery 139. “Dawn Patrol” brings together 3 artists and makes sunrise muse. Dedicating many an early morning to gather inspiration for the body of work is apparent. And while Newcastle is ever present I think the fascination with this exhibition is the contrasting interpretation and techniques each of the artists’ brings to the show.

Dino Consalvo’s warm yellow tones produce paintings with an exotic essence. This sensation does not always seem authentic but it is welcome. Newcastle can sometimes feel as though it has been “done to death” as the saying goes so it is timely to represent the scene in a different light. The painting “Broken Heart” drew me in with its strange composition. The profile of an alert dog seems crisp against the beauty of the horizon while the owner remains anonymous and dominant. The halo of wispy strokes of paint about the human form suggest movement. It’s that brief moment where the owner moves forward while the dog rapidly analyses yet cannot react due to the confinement of a lead.

Artist: Peter Lankas

Artist: Peter Lankas

Although there are some beaut paintings by Peter Lankas where an evolving abstraction is occurring it’s his suite of 20 small works on paper that have tempted the audience. I think it’s the spontaneity in the execution of these pieces that work. And perhaps the bravery to exhibit what for many would seem unfinished. Seizing the dawn so expertly is a skill that is apparent in this artist. The larger works on canvas claimed a confidence in the brush stroke however there were times where I thought a clumsiness became apparent. Also colour at times seemed a tad too brash. But red dots prevailed so perhaps I am not getting it.

Artist: John Earle

Artist: John Earle

The third and probably best known artist at least in the non-arty circles of Newcastle is John Earle. There is no doubt about it that this artist has a skill to be admired. The attention to detail and ability to capture an image precisely are notable achievements. To the arty he lacks a looseness and sense of creativity that is revered and glorified. But to dismiss an artist on this criteria seems ridiculous when the outcome of the talent is right before ones eyes. “Newcastle City from Nobby’s Lighthouse holds that most stunning view of the city accurately and with clarity. Bewildering is the sky where that wisp of haze on the horizon is so real. But this is apparent in all his skies. This ability is true and absorbing. “Merewether Baths Dawn” certainly reveals the wonder of life through the sky.

Dawn Patrol is a must see for anyone curious about the differing responses each individual brings to subject matter. I t can be seen at Gallery 139 until 22nd August.

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