Between A Rock and A Hard Place.

Artists: Elizabeth Francis, Maggie Hensel-Brown and Sallyann Burton.

At Newcastle Art Space until May 26.

Wisdom and simplicity are qualities apparent in a thought provoking exhibition titled “Between A Rock And A Hard Place”.  Curated to enhance the singular vision of each of the three artists, the result is a valuable display of the differing characteristics of each.

Maggie Hensel- Brown

Maggie Hensel- Brown

Sculptor Maggie Hensel – Brown wraps smooth stones in delicately crocheted snoods. Joined and suspended in a rhythmic procession, the petite ballet encompasses the pretty while pertaining to strength.

While Elizabeth Francis’s images signify rigidity and construct the reference to the hues of central Australia after fire insinuates growth of economy comes from adversity. Francis uses enamel on aluminium and the sharp line and angle of this medium appropriately conveys meaning.

Elizabeth Francis.

Elizabeth Francis.

The drawings by Sallyann Burton are studies executed with skill and pathos.  Using line and ink, local rock formations breathe with contour and dimension. Minimal detail combined with confident mark making offer works of art with purpose and control.

Sallyann Burton

Sallyann Burton

The curatorial vision of this combination of talents complements each artist’s concept indicating foresight and discernment.

This exhibition at Newcastle Art Space, 246 Parry St Hamilton East closes 26th May. Gallery open Thurs-Sun 12-5pm.

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