Artists: Bev Leggett Simmons and Jill Campbell

Exhibiting at Nanshe Gallery 6th February – 9th March

Mixed Media

Collaborative wall.

A floral symphony exists at Nanshe gallery until 9th March. Artists Bev Leggett Simmons and Jill Campbell create impressive works exploring techniques utilising collage and acrylic mediums. The effect of this generates contemplation as deep layers waft gently to the surface.

The commanding use of a flowering treasure from Leggett Simmons provides a vivacious grouping that coupled with precise structure and detail beckons attention.  Stunning is the application of brilliant red serenely balanced with opposing hues. Together with these vibrant works is a delicate mixed media of desert flowers. The haunting atmospheric sky scumbled with gentle swathes of colour sets a peaceful scene.

Bev Leggett Simmons

Bev Leggett Simmons

Maintaining the floral theme, Campbell demonstrates a quality in her work displaying liberty of line. Flannel flowers are treated with fluid ease, their divine petals suspended in weightless gesture. Contrasting sturdy depths of washy inks highlight the frailty of the flower, while simultaneously allowing firm ground for the structure to exist. Acrylic ink is a fine medium to demonstrate the relaxed and competent drawing skills of this artist.

JIll Campbell

JIll Campbell

Substantial and most intriguing is the collaboration of both artists’ skills to produce a suite of irresistible canvases. The beauty of these mixed media art works is compelling evidence of the beneficial notion of teamwork. While most artists choose to work in isolation, it is made plain in this exhibition that successful effects occur with multiple skills.

In this, their first exhibition as a duo, their appreciation of the Australian environment is apparent.

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